Forged in the bowels of the often all too consuming Synthetix discord server. The DDAO consists of 11 individuals who all share a passion for blockchain, crypto and, in particular, decentralized finance. With a wide variety of backgrounds and skills, the 11 are a truly unique set of characters. They have come together to create, nurture and help shape the future of DeFi, with the intention to build, launch and support projects that offer a well humoured, positive contribution to the crypto ecosystem. 

The DDAO will launch their first project, named Ethersocks, in April 2021, to celebrate the launch of Ethereum 2 and its transition to Proof-of-Stake. Beyond this, the DDAO is committed to its future evolution and pushing forward the goals of decentralization and autonomy for individuals and communities all around the globe. The DDAO is 100% self funded and democratically governed by its members. It has received no outside financial support and strives to build trust and transparency with its community.


Built on Ethereum