Ethersocks ($SOX) have been created to celebrate the launch of Eth2, its transition to Proof-of-Stake, and the work of countless industry insiders who are working tirelessly to bring crypto to the masses.

Ethersocks are a limited-edition, tokenized asset with a fixed supply of 3200.*

Owning a pair of Ethersocks means possessing a piece of history both on the blockchain and in your sock drawer.The purchase of the Ethersocks token entitles you to one pair of real-life socks redeemed through our website, a redemption that will also generate an exclusive NFT that will be yours for as long as you hodl. Featuring the Etherhino, the design marks the transition to the next iteration of Ethereum, complimented by the ETH diamond and the carefree colors of the Ethereum lifestyle.


Our goal is to establish a broad and equal distribution of the SOX token. The launch will be achieved first through a DODO crowdpooling campaign, during which 1280 SOX will be sold for a fixed price of 0.032 ETH per token.

Following this, a further 1280 SOX will be pooled with the ETH proceeds from the fixed price sale and provided as liquidity for at least a 90 day period in order to ensure that the token has a sufficiently deep market to allow token trading and price discovery to ascertain the value of the original Ethersocks.

Of the remaining 640 SOX tokens, 320 will be given away to the unsung heroes of Ethereum — the infrastructure maintainers and Buidlers. This will happen during the 90-day launch period, while the remaining 320 will be retained to use at the teams discretion.

At the end of the 90 day period the community will decide how to next move forward.

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